This project started in the middle of January of 2021 and the idea was to start a business from zero. One day I went to my friend’s house to help him make a garden and after finishing the gardening I asked for the extra cuttings from the Succulents plants which he didn’t want. They grew into complete plants quickly and by selling some of them I could make a little money to start this project.

I wanted to show other women how it’s possible to start a new business from zero. Women in many countries are oppressed in their culture and are unable or have difficulties in starting their own businesses, so they can never be financially independent. The name “Lilith Garden” was chosen to remember this goal.

In many ancient documents, “Lilith” is the name of the first woman who was created by God, at the same time as “Adam”. But Lilith didn’t want to obey Adam so she left Paradise to start building her own Paradise. “Lilith Garden” reminds us of Paradise which is created by Lilith.

All persons regardless of gender who want equality and don’t want to obey illogical words, laws and actions can be Lilith.

The first product collection of Lilith Garden is plant, because our roots come from Nature and plants remind us of Paradise as well.

We hope by your help we can help many Liliths to make their own Paradise and make the world a better place to live.

And now here we are.